Rap Genius Is “The Stalinist Russia of The Internet, But in a Good Way”

March 27, 2014 | Andy Cush

Stop what you’re doing and watch (at least some of) this marathon-length video interview with Rap Genius founder Mahbod Moghadam who, for all his company’s foibles, is a very entertaining speaker. He’s the stoned pseudo-intellectual holding forth on politics and philosophy on your college buddy’s couch, except he started a company that’s received $16.8 million in funding from investors. And as Sam Biddle at Valleywag points out: lest we forget, this is the guy who once publicly told Mark Zuckerberg to “suck [his] dick.”

Pretty much everything Moghadam says is gold, but I’m partial to the moment when he compares his company to the regime that’s responsible for the deaths of some 40 million people, “but in a good way.” Watch it above.