Have a Good Weekend: Nymphomaniacs, Unsound and a Stupid Hackathon

April 4, 2014 | ANIMAL

Here’s some art, film, music and other stuff happening in NYC so you can Have a Good Weekend. Drop your suggestions in the comments or to tips@animalnewyork.com.


Out this weekend: Captain America: The Winter SoldierScarlet Johansson as a succubus alien in Under the Skin, a new Errol Morris doc with Donald Rumsfeld The Unknown Known and Vol. II of Nymphomaniac. You can see both Vol. I and Vol. II back-to-back at Landmark Cinema. ($13.50, Manhattan)

Reception for the group show “Several Circles” curated around the idea of “ideaesthesia; a phenomenon in which concepts evoke perception-like experiences.” Featuring artworks by John Cage, Music Animation Machine (Stephen Malinowski), Slobodan Stošić and more, at EFA Project Space, via Art F City. (6-8pm, Manhattan)

Reception for “URL FAMILIAR” at OUTLET, Matthew Hillock’s solo show of “art based around the concept of an invented mythology is to investigate the hero myths of various cultures, cross applying them to divide between URL art (net art, new media, etc) and IRL (in real life) art as a way to bring the often isolated world of net art into a larger conversation about the nature of being and art creation… As per request of the artist, no images of the work will be online.” (7-10pm, Brooklyn)

Space age bass music kingpins Machinedrum and NGUZUNGUZU are playing a dance party at the Museum of Natural History. (9pm, $30, Manhattan)

Pictureplane and Logan Takahashi of Teengirl Fantasy at Bizarre Bushwick. (10pm, Free, Brooklyn)

Poland’s renowned experimental festival Unsound and Mutual Dreaming present a club night at Cameo Gallery. Room 1: Estonian copeland (previously known as Inga Copeland of Hype Williams) and Rod Modell’s DeepChord. Room 2: Huerco S. of Software & Future Times will DJ, Willie Burns. Upstairs: Heathered Pearls, Wilhelm Bras. Visuals from Aurora Halal and Nitemind (Steel Drums, SHADE). (10pm-4am, $20, Brooklyn)


An Internet Blackout Simulation Event at Eyebeam. The Guardian Project and Commotion will show participants how to use mesh networking in combination with various mobile and desktop apps to operate in an environment in which, for some reason, intended or unintended, Internet is not available. (10am, $25, Manhattan)

Stupid Shit No One Needs and Terrible Ideas Hackathon at ITP. This is a real event and likely the only relevant hackathon in the world. Theme: Our Terrible Future. Sign up here. (11am, Free, Manhattan)

Unsound at AVA gallery: “Ephemera,” a synesthetic installation combining scent, sound and visual elements, with three different scents: Noise, Drone, and Bass. Saturday is Drone with Tim Hecker and it looks like this. (12pm-6pm, Manhattan)

Reception for “First Responders” group show with a “primary urge to draw” at Good Work Gallery, featuring Kyle Petreycik (woo!),A riel Dill, Michael Bell-Smith, Marley Freeman, Deanna Havas, Ben Horns, Katie Loselle, Orion Martin, Sam McKinniss,  Eric Shaw. (7pm-10pm, Brooklyn)

DJ Dog Dick at The Gutter. (8pm, $5, Brooklyn)

La Misma, Priests, and others at Death By Audio. (8pm, $10, Brooklyn)


“Reeks with decay and sexuality.” The Blue Angel (1930) with Marlene Dietrich at BAM. ($13, Brooklyn)

The Secret Science Club’s annual “Carnivorous Nights Taxidermy Contest” at the Bell House. (7pm, $12-$15, Brooklyn)

Porn at the Spectacle: Told in flashback from a funeral, The Idol is a romantic delight. Hunky, straight college athletes long for one another, screw in the showers and fall in love. Jockstraps, repressed desires, questionable coaching methods, outstanding musical choices and one truly bizarre hairstyle. Love is in the air. (7:30pm, $5, Brooklyn)

Midnight screening of The Shining at IFC. (Midnight, $14, Manhattan)