Rappers That Look Like Pre-16th Century Art

April 9, 2014 | Marina Galperina

“Hip–hop is not afraid of showing pride for its own power, and to translate that into an aesthetic of regality which is beautiful and timeless,” Cecilia Azcarate tells DAZED. “People represented in these paintings and sculptures were not there by chance. They were people of power, being it religious, political, or economical. Intellectuals, gods, saints, and people whose fame survived their lives. Today we call them celebrities.” Today we call them YEZUS. Check out b4-16. Behold the commanding gesturing of 2 Chainz alongside Quentin Massys’ 1520 Ecce Homo flashing his bling. See Kanye West benevolently poised in furs, like he’s some dead bloke who was rich enough to be painted next to Christ Blessing something in 1560. (Images: b4-16)