4th of July Fireworks Are Coming Back to the East River

April 14, 2014 | Andy Cush

After five long years in exile on the Hudson, New York City’s Fourth of July fireworks show is returning to its rightful home in the East River, giving Queens and Brooklyn residents a view of the proceedings.

Back in 2012, when Bill de Blasio was public advocate, he pushed for the show’s relocation, and today, he’ll announce that it’s coming back east. “I’m thrilled that, after years of working with Macy’s and my colleagues to make this a reality, the fireworks will return to the East River this year,” the mayor said. “Now even more New Yorkers will get to take part in this extraordinary celebration, against the backdrop of the Brooklyn Bridge, the harbor and our skyline.”

Now, who’s got a good roof we can watch them from?

(Photo: @Michael McDonough)