Banksy’s “Mobile Lovers” Found, Taken Down by Local Organization

April 15, 2014 | Andy Cush

Hours after a fan discovered the location of Banksy’s new magazine cover-evoking “mobile lovers” piece, the Broad Plains Boys Club, a nearby organization, pulled it down with a crowbar. “The new Banksy piece is being held in our club to prevent any vandalism or damage being done,” reads a note where the piece formerly sat.

The club is allowing visitors to come inside and see the piece for a fee — just like in East New York, where a group of residents charged $20 a head to see a beaver stencil the artist painted in October. “The club is 120 years old and we need £120,000 to keep the club open,” Gordon Powell, a worker at Broad Plains, told the BBC. “We’re open all the time, day and night, so people can come and see it for a small donation.”