Time Is a Flat Circus: Family Circus True Detective Mash-Up

April 15, 2014 | Marina Galperina

True Detective may be out of our lives for now, but WE WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU. Thanks for keeping it going, internet. The latest spin-off Tumblr to join the ranks of such purveyors of inside jokes as True Detective Conversations, True Detective Valentines and True and Confused is Time Is a Flat Circus. It’s Rust Cohle quotes, in all their existentially devastating glory, juxtaposed with the popular American comic strip Family Circus.

Especially enjoyable are the quotes that put Family Circus’s central themes in their proper context. Organized religion…


…and deluding yourself that life isn’t an endless circle of violence and degradation or that your existence has any purpose or meaning outside of itself.

These kids are going to be just fine.

(Images: Time Is a Flat Circus, HBO)