Here’s Heroin On “Dark-Web Google”

April 18, 2014 | Backdoor Pharmacist

“Grams” (address at grams7enufi7jmdl.onion) was just launched last week, and true to its stolen web design, it’s trying to be a Google for the dark web. The developer has given out an API to let owners of these secretive dark web stores appear on Grams. These dark web stores sell anything from drugs and guns to child pornography. At the moment, they cover a few markets and do a very basic keyword search.

Did that link not work? It’s only accessible through Tor. If you’re not worried about your home computer, download the Tor Browser Bundle to install a special version of Firefox that automatically links to the Tor darknet. For Android use Orbot, and if you’re super paranoid use Tails, a “live OS” that can turn any CD, USB Stick, or SD Card into a full Linux based operating system and leave no trace on the machine you’re using.

After that, your internet speeds will feel positively 3G, 2002 slow. That’s because the traffic is being routed into the Tor network to anonymize you. The prices, by default, will be in Bitcoin, the online cryptocurrency that those involved in the free market of illicit goods and services really like because of the pseudonymous transactions. Just type in what you want and be patient, Grams returned this for “heroin.”

Tor uses a series of random nodes and overlapping encryption, like layers of an onion, to anonymize web traffic. It has found use with dissidents evading censorship, whistleblowers like Snowden to speaking safely with journalists, and with the less savory type. The Feds aren’t likely to waste resources on you unless you’re a major seller. Just be careful who gets to the package first.

It should go without saying, these drugs are highly addicting. Dark web merchants usually have high standards, you’ll get what you pay for — purer and stronger, than anything from the street. Melior diabolus quem scies, but heroin, cocaine, meth are all available online, all with a body count. Naloxone autoinjectors aren’t available everywhere. I wish they were. I could have done something.

Have fun; don’t get caught; try not to die.