Horse-and-Carriage Ban Needs More Council Support

April 18, 2014 | Andy Cush

Last we heard from Bill de Blasio about the state of the horse-and-carriage ban, he alluded to some setbacks. Now, we know what those setbacks are: they mayor lacks the support in City Council to get the bill passed. According to the Wall Street Journal, council members Andy King, Elizabeth Crowley, Costa Constantinides, Jumaane Williams, and others stand against the ban — enough to keep it from reaching the mayor’s desk.

A gentler alternative, however, might pass. The Journal mentions a pilot program that would run the electric cars meant to replace horses alongside old-fashioned carriages to test their viability — a plan that could garner more support in City Council. “If the vote was tomorrow I would vote no on a ban, I think we’re trying to overstep,” said Councilman Williams. “But I’m in favor of a pilot program to see how things work out.”

(Photo: @Wally Gobetz)