“Job Fair” at Silent Barn: Cinema of Transgression, Net Art Enfant Terrible

April 22, 2014 | Marina Galperina

Come to Brooklyn’s Silent Barn tonight for “Job Fair,” a multi-media, multi-generation art event.

Featuring: A screening of new films by Cinema of Transgression luminaries Bradley Eros and Tessa Hughes Freeland and performances by Zefrey Throwell (who once composed a symphony of 1,000 car horns and made portraits of his dead father out of his last bag of meth), “net art enfant terrible” Allison Wonderland and “DIY starlet” Ginny Benson (with “a time-based video collage that explores the contents of her vast collection of alien conspiracy films and UFO documentaries”).

Featuring also: Music/noise from Nick Klein (whose sets are “quickly becoming legendary as much for their volume as their incitement of near-riot participation from audiences”) and Seabat of Forma.

There will be installations by Miles Pflanz, Laura Blüer, Michael Potvin and Joseph Gannon that will “drastically change the venue.” Miles Phlanz is collaborating with Laura Blüer on a photo booth that will provide material for a future video.

You may be reconsidering what you’re doing with your life after this. Hence, “Job Fair.” See you at 8pm. “Job Fair,” Silent Barn, Brooklyn