The LinkedIn Dating App No One Needs Is Here

April 23, 2014 | Andy Cush

Imagine opening LinkedIn to find a notification that someone has viewed your profile. You check him out and like what you see, so you decide to get in touch. The two of you exchange a few InMails, things start to get steamy, and before you know it he has his hands all over your Education Honors and Awards section and you’re endorsing the shit out of each other. It’s rash; it’s exciting; it goes against all your better judgement — but he looks so sexy, so damned responsible in that buttoned-up shirt and double-windsor-knotted tie. This guy is a striver!

If you found the above scenario at all titillating, you’re encouraged to try LinkedUp, a Tinder-style dating app that connects to your profile on the world’s largest professional network. As the old adage goes, nothing says sexy like “two more connections can introduce you to someone who knows this person.”

LinkedUp positions itself as a way to date based on potential mates’ employment status:

LinkedUp! is the smart new way to date. Anonymously like or pass on profiles. Get the conversation going by already knowing what industry your match works in. Download LinkedUp! Today!

Interested parties can download the app here.