Unpublished Gabriel Garcia Marquez Novel Could See Release

April 23, 2014 | Andy Cush

When the literary giant Gabriel Garcia Marquez passed away last week, he left behind En Agosto Nos Vemos (“We’ll Meet In August”), a finished novel that dates back to about 2004. According to the AP, the opening chapter focuses on a married woman who has an affair while visiting her mother’s grave on a tropical island. Cristobal Pera, editor at Penguin Random House Mexico, said the late writer’s family hadn’t yet decided whether to publish the work.

“This has come as a surprise to me. The last time I talked to Gabo about this story it was a stand-alone which he was going to include in a book with three similar but independent stories,” said Gerald Martin, Marquez’s biographer. “Now they’re talking about a series of episodes in which the woman turns up and has a different adventure each year.”