Alexandra Gorczynski, Labanna Babalon and Molly Soda Project a “Beautiful Life”

April 24, 2014 | Marina Galperina

As part of the one-night show “Proof of Work” and in collaboration with the digital user-friendly art-making platform New Hive, Alexandra Gorczynski, Labanna Babalon and Molly Soda will be projecting a series of multi-media art works tonight in San Francisco. The three-artist “Beautiful Life” series responds to the “fictional dichotomy” of gender, projecting the notions of “masculine/civilized and feminine/natural.”

Those unable to attend can view some of the work online. Gorczynski, whom we’ve followed since her first New York solo show at TRANSFER gallery to her sale at the first Phillips Digital Art Auction, presents “Aunaturale” — an etherial series of tear-filled videos and glittering flower and splashing paint gif motifs, sweetly overwhelming like LSD-laced sugar.

Molly Soda via New Hive

Fellow Phillips artist Molly Soda (who was surprisingly cool about that one “curator” hijacking her “anonymous” semi-nude photos) is presenting “Online” — layered, semi-opaque pieces of video self portraits, stock imagery, chat services and other “internet bric-a-brac.”

Labanna Babalo via New Hive

Labanna Babalon (who was once Vice’ed under this rather colorful headline) presents “Life Story” — a series of audiovisual webcam-based collages playing up her sexuality to hypnotic heights were self-parody, self-exploration and social commentary cross (and scissor). Looks like a fun show. “Proof Of Work,” Various Artists, Apr 24, 8pm-12am, The Sub, San Francisco. (Lead image: Alexandra Gorczynski via New Hive)