CHIP7 Unveils Art, “Mayhem”

April 25, 2014 | Bucky Turco

Long time graffiti writer CHIP7 opens a solo show in Bushwick tonight at lifestyle retail space Scumbags & Superstars. The Queens native first started painting in the early 90s and has been bombing the streets of New York (and New Jersey) for nearly two decades.

But for the past four years, he has lived in Bangkok, which is where he created a new body of work that consists of bold colors and intricate line-work. The Thai city is also the place where he still practices his craft.

In addition to the exhibit, he’s helping kick off limited edition art zine Carnage, with the latest issue being solely devoted to Mayhem, the massive graffiti crew he founded and includes NACE, KEMOS, MIZE, MET VIZIE, NAVY8, FALSE and many, many others.

It consists of photos and illustrations detailing the collective’s rich history. The publication will be made available through the Carnage website and at the opening this evening where a lucky few will also find hand-written labels by MAYHEM crew members inside.

CHIP7, April 25 – May 25, Scumbags & Superstars, NYC