Leftist Press Orders Takedown of Marx-Engels Writings, Doesn’t Get the Joke

April 25, 2014 | Andy Cush

For now, the collected writings of Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels are available for free download on the Marxist Internet Archive, a distribution method that’s decidedly in keeping with the two giants of socialism’s ideas. However, Lawrence & Wishart, a UK-based radical publishing house, is claiming copyright infringement and ordering that the works be taken down.

If Lawrence & Wishart understands the irony in its asserting control over a series of works that, as Cory Doctorow points out at BoingBoing, “consist…of arguments about the moral bankruptcy and corrupting influence of claims of private property,” it isn’t letting on. The writings will be pulled down from the archive on May Day; get them here while you still can.

(Photo: Wikimedia Commons)