Everything Terrible About NYC Streets, All in One Map

April 30, 2014 | Andy Cush

Yesterday, the de Blasio administration released an interactive map that lets New Yorkers publicly complain about the state of our streets. Everything from jaywalking to “cyclist behavior” to “long distance to cross” is reportable, and the map is already loaded with grievances.

“Use this interactive map to share your experiences with city streets,” reads the site’s description. “Your knowledge will be used to create a traffic safety plan for each borough that will describe how to make each borough’s streets safer for everyone, whether walking, biking or driving.”

The insane juncture of Atlantic and Flatbush is appropriately labeled the “intersection from hell” by one commenter.

Too bad there isn’t an “everything” category, because everything is wrong with this intersection from hell: speeding, failure to yield, extra-long crossing distance, barely sufficient time to cross, a light that gives cars permission to turn right from Atlantic Avenue onto Flatbush *when pedestrians are in the crosswalk,* and poor visibility due to busses and dollar vans. And HUNDREDS of pedestrians trying to get to the LIRR station, subway, and Atlantic Terminal mall. How many people need to die here before this situation is remedied???