You’re All Art Sluts, Study Says

April 30, 2014 | Marina Galperina

According to the “Culture Track” study of “attitudes and behaviors among U.S. cultural audiences” you are:

HYPER-CONNECTED                    CYNICAL 
OVERCOMMITTED                       SELF-FOCUSED


The New York-based firm LaPlaca Cohen released this incredibly amusing document (PDF here), boasting data collected from 4,026 people in 50 states (with a +/-1.6% margin of error, wow!) including “Millennials,” “Gen X,” “Boombers” and “Pre War” age groups. Founder and CEO of LaPlaca Cohen, Arthur Cohen says:

These findings reveal audiences that are restless, curious and ‘culturally promiscuous’—eager for new experiences they can share in person with friends and family.

Sluts! Not that there is anything wrong with that.

According to participant polls and social media lurking, between 2011 and 2014, museum attendance went up! Opera attendance went down. Classical music attendance went up! Opera attendance went down. Of course, you only had to make it out just once a year to count, but LOOK AT THIS DATA:

(Image: LaPlaca Cohen)

A large part of the presentation earlier this week emphasized “selfies” and other publicly available social media, because obviously if you didn’t “selfie,” it didn’t happen, and there was no art.

ArtInfo points out that various hype-profiled art happenings like MoMA’s Rain Room and the Kusama Infinity Room at David Zwirner were noted. And agreeably so, as they produced a spark in said publicly available social media activity, which made an impact on the way that research and advertising firms perceive our attitudes and behaviors about culture. (Images: ArtSelfie dis magazine)