Craigslist’s Hidden Contemporary Art

May 2, 2014 | Andy Cush

Behold “Craigslist Projects,” a blog-cum-exhibition-space that presents items for sale in various cities as contemporary art. The latest “show,” from Chicago, focuses on minimalism. The curator explains:

Despite it’s unspoken goal, for me, minimalism rarely leaves a sense of the elimination of self expression.  And there’s that paradox again.  In the absence of the hand, the absence of the statement, the absence of the politics or the philosophy, I see expression and love and pain and tenderness and bravado. It is in their sometimes brooding silence i suspect a meditation or a mad argument or a sweet song.  Redundancy abounds and suggests absurdity and/or mutual dependence.  Oh so demanding to be physically experienced, in this extremely formal looking minimalist sculpture exhibit we are certainly denied the physical installation space and the dynamic created with the works activated within that space, but like all these exhibitions, consider the relationships of the works to one another.

The best piece in the exhibition, ’70s camaro/pontiac sport mirrors, is only $50! See more art in the gallery.