Don’t Answer Work Emails On the Weekends

May 5, 2014 | Marina Galperina

According to a pile of research reviewed by Mother Jones, “60 percent of smartphone-using professionals kept in touch with work for a full 13.5 hours per day” in 2012, then spent 5 hours answering work emails on the weekend. 68% check work email before 8am, 50% do it in bed, 38% do it at the dinner table, and 44% check email all through vacation. This is not good.

Productivity and job satisfaction skyrocketed for employees whose “firms” and “companies” have issued strict no-after-hours work email policies. But yours probably won’t. In fact, you will likely be receiving 22% more business email by 2015 and most of it will be useless crap!

Then again, maybe you don’t work in an office. Maybe your hours aren’t 9am to 5pm, but 9pm to 5am because you work at a bar or in 24- to 42-hour-stretches because you run a few venues, or in sparse, sporadic, seemingly impossible spurts because you freelance or “freelance.” For many of you, this doesn’t apply to you at all: “Like many of us, she has two—an iPhone for her personal life and a BlackBerry paid for by her employer.” But yes, that’s very sad about the stunted creativity of “smartphone-using professionals” and “high-paid consultants” hounded by neurotic bosses. (Image: Tim Bishop)