Someone Left $20,000 in Gold Bars in the Back of a Cab

May 5, 2014 | Andy Cush

Next time you wake on Sunday morning to realize your keys, wallet, or phone were lost to the previous night’s escapades, take comfort in the fact that you’re not out 20 grand.

DNAinfo examined the city Taxi and Limousine Commission’s lost item reports for the past year and a half to find out what sorts of things New Yorkers leave in cabs. Among human ashes, a lost dog, and some Game of Thrones paraphernalia, they discovered $20,000 worth of gold bars and a $30,000 diamond ring.

“I was very drunk and puked in the back of [the driver’s] car, unfortunately … but did clean it up,” read a report from one passenger, who lost a phone on New Year’s Eve. “Would sincerely really appreciate your assistance. Happy Holidays!”

The gold bounty went missing on an NYC-to-Virginia trip that cost $1,000:

The passenger said he forgot a bag in the taxi’s trunk that had $20,000 in gold bars and cash. The passenger said in the report that the driver would not pick up his phone after driving off with the loot.

“Please help me recover my items and contact me as soon as possible,” the passenger pleaded to a 311 operator.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, it went unrecovered. The driver’s hack license, which he registered under a name that wasn’t his own, was eventually revoked.

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