Please Don’t Wear Bitcoin Cologne

May 7, 2014 | Andy Cush

BitCologne, a “hand crafted, high quality, men’s cologne, designed specifically for Bitcoin enthusiasts,” must be someone’s idea of a joke. But just in case, a warning: don’t wear it.

BitCologne will not do anything for your “peer-to-peer interactions,” as the narrator of the video implies, nor will it convince your partner to initiate “a more ‘private transaction.'” If you’re not convinced, allow BitCologne’s creators to elaborate:

We took the concept and fundamentals behind the popular digital currency Bitcoin and handcrafted a phenomenal fragrance, that embodies some of our favorite Bitcoin qualities:

A subtlety that’s both bold and unique.

Light, portable, and available when you need it

Freedom to go against the grain!

The testimonials, as you might imagine, are a treasure. A woman named Michelle gave it four stars.

My husband and I are in love with bitcoin, so when I stumbled across this site I had to try this bitcoin scented cologne. I thought it’d smell like overheated bitcoin mining rigs lol, but it’s not bad. Should have a women’s version though.

Jonathan wasn’t quite as enthused.

The smell is good. I like the coin you get with it and it didn’t take too long to get here. It definitely isn’t a smell that lasts all day though. have to be close up to smell

Paul thinks it’s “pretty damn good.”

Just got mine today. It’s actually a pretty damn good smell. It’s not as strong as I’m used to, but I like it and my girl likes it. So, that’s it, done deal!

And darj2156 was just happy to be able to pay with actual money.

ok not gonna lie, I love bitcoin and everything, but I’m glad they have a paypal option too. (not trying to spend my bitcoin right now) the cologne smells kinda like one I bought a while ago but with a spice to it. Either way, they did a good job, no complaints. love the coin they give you too. A++!!!

If you must, get your Bitcologne here. Only .058 BTC!