A Digital Video Art Odyssey Through Tarkovsky’s “The Zone”

May 8, 2014 | Marina Galperina

Artist Peter Burr has recently released Special Effect and other media, in all their glorious surreal bursting pixelated darkness, available as a bundle on Undervolt.

This collection of two inter-related videos by Peter Burr explores “The Zone”, a space from Tarkovsky’s film Stalker, in which our rules of physics are suspended. In SPECIAL EFFECT, this environment is explored through a hypnotizing blend of live action and various animation styles. The soundtrack alternately drones and soars as we travel across an entrancing depiction of this fantastical space, and meet the characters who have chosen to inhabit it.

Special Effect also features content from artists Brandon Blommaert, Jacob Ciocci, Billy Grant, Brenna Murphy, Yoshi Sodeoka, and Ola Vasiljeva. The package itself is worth the $5 download for 38 minutes of video art. I’ve seen Special Effect once before at a special screening with live visual and sound effects added by the artist at the Museum of the Moving Image. Now I have it.

The Undervolt platform from Yoshi SodeokaJohnny Woods and Nicholas O’Brien offers an alternative to galleries and other traditional routes for receiving video art. This summer, they are offering releases from Extreme Animals and Sabrina Ratté, but here are a few trailers for other selections.

“Johnny Woods- Dazzling Odysseys: The Electric Mind”, MP4 video album available from Undervolt & Co.

“Yoshihide Sodeoka — Distortion III”, MP4 video album by Undervolt & Co.

Greetings From Baltimore: Jimmy Joe Roche (Trailer)

(GIF: Peter Burr, Special Effect)