Tima Radya’s Money Sculptures For Sale: Perfect For Bribing Checkpoint Guards

May 12, 2014 | Marina Galperina

Ekaterinburg-based artist Tima Radya’s installations have always stood out — from his fiery wall pieces referencing literature, to his “YOU WERE FUCKED” billboard installed after the “re-election” of Putin, to his sculpture pyramid of riot shields installed with a crew dressed as police agents.

It’s no wonder that a few art objects that he is currently offering on his website for donations are some of the more creative ways of monetizing his unsanctioned street practice, if only to recoup the costs of his ideas.

He writes:

Over the last 3 years my friends and I have learnt to make big and complicated things. We don’t ask any permissions or help, we do everything on our own. It is hard, but I understood that it is the most effective and, perhaps, the only honest way for a street artist to create. We have time, strength and wonderful ideas, but I am already short of money.

Tima Radya’s New York rendition of Figure 1: Stability riot shield sculpture was the highlight of Cutlog art fair last year. We profiled his Figure #2: Game — a giant, dynamic sculpture welded from steel, lifted by cranes and exploding with two billion ruble bills — in an Artist’s Notebook. Both of the projects have related artifacts. The small aluminum sculpture version of stability (Edition of 34) is sold out but “Figure #2: Game: 12-15 million rubles, steel. 2014, packed in a trash bag, produces an effect at border checkpoint” (lest you forget what the Olympics were really about) is yours for a donation of $100 or more in an Edition of 22. The prints are pretty great too. Support! Contact/Paypal: support@t-radya.com.