Backdoor Pharmacist Gets Caressed by Gabapentin

May 13, 2014 | Backdoor Pharmacist

Gabapentin (Neurontin) is a derivative of the neurotransmitter GABA. They’re used as anticonvulsants and as a painkiller specifically for neuropathic pain. Gabapentin’s effects are so similar to others, but have no direct comparison. It has its own unique magic. It’s a strange hybrid, and the closest is its stronger brother pregabalin (Lyrica).

While gabapentin is not believed to be habit forming, it is a drug that makes you feel good. It won’t lead to physiological dependence, but it will sure as hell lead to psychological dependence. Gabapentin is prescription only but not scheduled, while pregabalin is Schedule V. There has been no established lethal dose for gabapentin, but don’t chug it — it’ll be an ambulance ride.

Don’t think you can judge a substance from how its dad behaved. Gabapentin, despite synthesized from GABA, actually does not bond with or directly increase the efficiency of GABA in the brain. Rather, its effects are related to our voltage-gated calcium channels — a special group of pores found on the membrane of excitable cells such as muscles and neurons. This different mechanism is why it behaves so differently from more familiar anticonvulsants like our old friends, benzodiazepines.

Gabapentin is mostly found in capsules of the 300mg variety. There are also 100mg, 400mg, 600mg capsules or 600mg and 800mg tablets. Always read the bottle closely or examine the markings on the outside. Prescription drugs all have unique markings that can be looked up online to find out exactly how much active ingredient is in it, the inactive ingredients for allergy information, and the manufacturer. Typical dosage for adults is 900-1800mg a day.

Unlike so many other substances, you can leave the scale at home. Big Pharma did the measuring for you, and the doses are so large for recreational use that there’s no finesse required. Do not try snorting it, do not shoot it up, do not mix it in acetone and drip it into your eye or something. Just eat it. Gabapentin is a slow drug anyway — if you want a rush, go somewhere else.

600mg is a threshold dose to feel something, but a recreational dose is anywhere from 900-5000mg. Some people have no reaction whatsoever to gabapentin, poor bastards. Pregabalin or Lyrica is stronger — cut the dose to a third to a quarter of gabapentin’s. Slowly work the dose up and wait at least three hours each time to see how heavy the effects are to pinpoint a fun area. Gabapentin creeps up on you. After you choke down those few caps, it’s time to wait.

After an hour, you feel a wave of relaxation slowly washing through your body. It’s a weight off your shoulders, as if all the side eyes stares and grimaces of all the people are gone. The effects will slowly build. Taking another few 300mg capsules every few hours will keep the high going steady. The buzz will keep growing, and it’s so much easier to be sociable. You find out her name is “Midori.” How long have you had that smile on your face?

It’s almost like good molly, when talking with anyone just seems so much more intimate and open. Unlike MDMA, there’s no harsh edge. You don’t grind your teeth, you don’t need gum, and there’s no inner restlessness. There’s no rush either, but coasting on this buzz is great anyway. Since when have I been singing along?

She likes you, and invites you to dance. Standing up is interesting. Your legs seem to not want to cooperate. They feel like rubber, they can’t properly tense up, yet you don’t feel as delirious as you would elsewhere. The sensation of things is improved. Petting a doge or catte will be pleasurable but not overwhelming. Follow her smile, take her arm, feel her hot breath, press her warm skin against yours.

Visual disturbances won’t have the tracers of light and glowing edges of MDMA. Instead there will be a heightening of the sensation of an object. It’s as if all your life you had seen objects as dull, desaturated 2D projections and today you’re finally seeing them for what they truly are, in eye-popping 3D and glorious technicolor. She looks flawless.

At really high doses you’ll see a shifting, muddy look at continuous patterns. They’ll move as if water, gently rocking back and forth. If you can beat the drowsiness, you can find yourself with the munchies. The conversation won’t stop by the all night taco truck either. Try and keep eating while you keep talking. Resist the urge to mix — besides being dangerous, gabapentin seems to amplify the headaches and nausea.

Sex can be difficult. Working up the mood is hard. Higher doses usually mean lower libido. For men especially it can be hard to get hard. Even with the heightened sense of touch, men will find it easier to lose their erections. Don’t forget delayed ejaculation or even no ejaculation. Eventually, she’ll be able to bring you to climax with her hands. The buzz is fading now, the afterglow blends into it. You’ll want to keep talking, but there’s this overwhelming drowsiness that slices through the sun rising. When you sleep the dreams will be vivid, long, and pleasant.

Gabapentin seems very tolerant of overdoses, unlike other painkillers like opioids. As it is not habit forming, it’s incredibly attractive to doctors treating pain from nerve damage. Overdoses include behaviors like mood swings, slurred speech, blurred vision, marked drowsiness, and even coma. Treatment is mainly supportive, keeping you hydrated until you wake up to a bill for some fluid they shot up your arm for $2 grand a bag.

Make sure you’ve kept Midori’s number. Call her back.

Have fun; try not to die.