Nude Photos of Very Old People

May 15, 2014 | Andy Cush

For her Centenarians series, photographer Anastasia Pottinger her takes closeup photos of people 100 years old or more. Shot in dramatic black-and-white, they capture the beautiful contours of the human body as it ages.

The series began when an 101-year-old woman offered to pose nude for Pottinger. The photographer explains on her site:

It was merely an exercise in documenting her form in a beautiful way. My only instructions from her were to make sure she was not identifiable in the images. She was willing to do anything I asked of her.

When I later reviewed the images on my computer, I knew I was looking at something very special. It was when I began exhibiting the work that the idea to continue the series was born. The response to the images has been remarkable. Viewers are visibly moved by what they are looking at. Whether it’s wondering, “is this what I’m going to look like?” or remembering a loved one – the response seems to be universally emotional on some level.

Pottinger is actively seeking more models. If you know anyone, get in touch.