NYPD Cops Shot Three People This Weekend

May 19, 2014 | Andy Cush

It was a bloody weekend for the NYPD, as cops shot three people between Friday and Sunday, killing two.

The first shots happened Friday afternoon, when cops pursued Scott Kato after he robbed an Upper East Side pharmacy, using a decoy pill bottle to track him. Kato allegedly reached for his gun in the ensuing chase, and four officers shot and killed him.

Early Sunday morning, cops responded to a call about a group of disorderly people in East Harlem. When the officers arrived on the scene, Michael Shultz, 23, allegedly ran away and pointed his gun at the cops. The police fired, hitting Shultz several times. As of Sunday, he was in critical but stable condition, according to NBC News.

Finally, Sunday evening, cops shot and killed an unnamed person in Prospect-Lefferts Garde after he allegedly lunged at them with a pair of scissors. The 39-year-old allegedly stabbed a woman before police arrived.

(Photo: @satanslaundromat)