Play With a Creepy 3D Virtual Sculpture in This Music Video

May 19, 2014 | Sophie Weiner

Artist Vibeke Bertelsen has created a3D virtual sculpture for a song by electronic producer Zack Christ. Entitled “The Valley of Uncanny,” the interactive animation depicts two human heads attached at the back. The sculpture is sound-responsive, morphing and mutating in an unsettling way along with the music, as you rotate it to view from different angles. Bertelsen said about the project

Often in games and 3D art the human body is idealized into sexy or heroic archetypes but in this project the two heads are distorted and glitched in ways that create more unfamiliar expressions that sometimes dissolve into pure absctract shapes.

See more art by Vibeke Bertelsen on his website and Zack Christ’s music on Soundcloud.