Die Antwoord Release Their Most Terrifying Video Yet

May 20, 2014 | Sophie Weiner

South African provocateurs Die Antwoord just released a video for the single “Pitbull Terrier,” off their upcoming album Donker Mag. Ninja stars as a horrifying, seemingly indestructible dog-faced man who goes around terrorizing various innocent civilians, running up walls, and, at one point, jumping into a pile of flaming garbage, returning unscathed.

When it looks like he’s about to maul his two henchcats, Yolandi appears wearing a black cloak to stop him by performing an unsettling sexy dance while rapping in her signature baby voice. After a bus finally takes down Ninja the pitbull, Yolandi brings him back to life by spitting on his face. So really, it’s a happy ending for everyone.

Donker Mag is out June 3rd on Die Antwoord’s label Zef Records.