Barobot, the Open-Source Robotic Mixologist

May 21, 2014 | Sophie Weiner

The brightest innovators of our time continue to solve the world’s most pressing issues. For instance: getting wasted.

Barobot is a portable, open source cocktail making machine, created by British “robot enthusiasts,” and controlled by a simple iPad-like boozer-interface (get it?) that has 1,000 cocktail recipes stored. Flanked by sound-responsive LED lights, Barobot will be the perfect addition to your next cyberpunk theme party. The next step: teach it how to make Phrosties.

At only $1200 to preorder on Kickstarter, Barobot is destined to grace startup offices the world over. But all silliness aside, this is a great example of how jobs that have been safe from automation in the past won’t be in the near future, and the outlook for service industry jobs isn’t good. Bartenders, start taking some coding classes.