The Jogging Will Pay You For Your Unpaid Internship

May 27, 2014 | Sophie Weiner

Future interns, it’s time to start thinking of strange places to put your iPhone: The Jogging, a debatably satirical curated art Tumblr, announced today it will begin paying $15 per hour to contributors who are working at unpaid internships this summer, with the catch that they must complete an accepted post for the blog within the hour. This comes after The Jogging’s announcement a few months ago that it would begin paying for posts on a sliding scale of virality. From the announcement post:

It is expected that the posts submitted are done so not only while on the job but also address the job, company, co-workers, or other elements of the internship itself. In other words, while performing your unpaid internship you are expected to create a project about your unpaid internship so that you can be paid by Jogging.

It’s an amusing comment on intern culture and possibly a good way for kids forced into unpaid jobs to subvert the system and make some money on the side. Apply to the meta-internship by filling out the application here.

(Photo by Mike Devine)