“Hit the Beat” Turns Everything Into a Drum Machine

May 29, 2014 | Andy Cush

Lorenzo Bravi’s “Hit the Beat” is a drum machine that turns any small physical object into a percussion instrument. Of course, any kid with a few pots and pans knows you can drum on anything — “Hit the Beat” really shines because it accepts MIDI input, meaning it will play preprogrammed beats one person couldn’t pull off alone.

Creative Applications explains how the device works:

The setup includes a collection of box like objects with solenoid actuators built in, and each containing different granules. All boxes connect to the main unit with integrated Arduino module which acts as the translator of the midi message received. The MIDI message is sent with any MIDI app thanks to MIDI Configuration on Mac. Lorenzo used Little MIDI on the iPad to send the wireless message. MIDI instruments can be assigned to each box that eventually triggers a physical solenoid percussion in realtime. Users can build an orchestra-like set of items, creating an intuitive and interactive investigation of music and sound.

Watch two more of Bravi’s demos below.