Bill Murray-Themed Art Show Coming To San Francisco

June 3, 2014 | Sophie Weiner

Event producer and DJ Ezra Croft put on an art show in Los Angeles in April titled “Is Nicholas Cage God?” After the show was unsurprisingly a huge success, Croft decided to follow the same formula and will be curating a Bill Murray-themed show in San Francisco this August. The Murray Affair will feature art of all mediums dedicated to the favorite actor of stoned artsy kids everywhere. Croft described his vision for the show to SF Gate:

I would love to get large scale pieces, renaissance art, impressionist works, a van Gogh homage to Murray even? I challenge the artists reading this to really extend the boundaries of convention and thrust Bill Murray into a level of artistry that entertains and intrigues.

The show is accepting submissions through July 21st, and will launch a guerrilla marketing campaign throughout the city, posting Bill Murray art on old buildings which should make some rich tech people feel like San Francisco is still “hip.” Tickets for the show are available for $12-15. Who knows, maybe the real Bill Murray will make an appearance? Stranger things have happened.