Girl Scouts to Paint Wall That Housed “Murderers” Mural

June 3, 2014 | Andy Cush

In 2012, graffiti writers KET, NOXER, and TRES painted an Inwood wall with a mural that implicitly labeled the NYPD, the Koch Brothers, Halliburton, and a slew of other entities as “murderers.” Unsurprisingly, the police were displeased, and plainclothes officers buffed the wall despite its owner having signed off on the art.

Now, the spot will host art from a decidedly less controversial group: the Girl Scouts of America. From DNAinfo: 

The scouts hope the new mural will help bring the community in a more positive direction.

“We got the idea that by having a tree, it will show what type of community we are, and it will bring in nice ideas,” [Girl Scout Alyssa] Fermin said.

The scouts have worked for more than a year to get the new mural in place, troop leader Helena Judd said. They interviewed residents about what they wanted, consulted with Community 12 and the 34th Precinct Community Council and met with building landlord Victor Gorodischer, Judd said.

The tree mural will display the words “strong,” and “smart,” along side the phrase “you are” in a host of languages. Not as punchy as “MURDERERS,” but what is, really?

(Photo: Alan KET)