“Fuck Off The Rock” Raps Rockaway Anti-Gentrification Trio

June 6, 2014 | Marina Galperina

Trio Sean BlaiseStacks the MenACE and TrisNev released this “Fuck Off The Rock” rap video as an angry response to FEMA’s failings in fixing their Broad Channel and Rockaway post-Hurricane Sandy, and to the gentrifiers.

According to DNAinfo who spoke with these young men (most are current or upcoming college freshman), the single calls out FEMA and the “‘contrived faux bohemia’ that they think is distracting from the major issues that still exist in the popular beach neighborhoods.” They are also “punk ass motherfuckers.”

To summarize, Sean Blaise reasonably mistrusts the government and may or may not have rapped “fuck your nazi pizzeria!” at 0:57. TrisNev is peeved about the circumstances interrupting his recreational activities. Stacks the MenACE, who lost his house to the storm, has some of the better lines, targeting the looming condo build-up and explaining quite plainly, that “gentrification really means ‘get the fuck out.'” Judge for yourself in the video above.