The “Snapchat Drug” Is Probably Just Dirty MDMA, Totally Dangerous

June 6, 2014 | Backdoor Pharmacist

Green, blue, pink pills, each carrying the stamp of Snapchat’s jolly old ghost, how cute. Too bad these pressed ecstasy tablets are sending people to the hospital in Australia.

The Daily Telegraph reports that four people, who had taken half of Snapchat pill, became “aggressive and disoriented after ingesting the drug and were taken to Royal Darwin Hospital.”

They were all released, but that isn’t the work of MDMA. Pressed ecstasy tablets have long been filled with a variety of exciting things that aren’t MDMA, from BZP, bath salts, plant food, meth, caffeine, cocaine, and sometimes a poor sod will end up buying melatonin.

This is a side effect of the War on Drugs. As it is an illicit activity, you can’t establish a brand. Yet you rely on word-of-mouth to sustain your business. “The green 00 pills are awesome!” they will say. You are happy, and then some other stamper who is hurling bags of meth and pure caffeine off Amazon copies your stamp. They buy the fake pills, and woe, your brand is ruined. Time to switch up stamps, what’s something easily recognizable, not previously seen, and would catch someone’s attention? The game starts again.

Buy a testing kit and enjoy in moderation to make sure you’re not swallowing a bespoke substituted amphetamine cocktail and die.

Have fun; try not to die.

(Image: DEA, Snapchat)