Turn Any NYC Subway Map Into a Dynamic 3D Infographic With This Augmented Reality App

June 11, 2014 | Marina Galperina

One of the great projects to come out of NYU’s ITP program, Tunnel Vision is a free app that sources publicly available data and superimposes it on any New York subway map when you move your smartphone over it. You can target very specific part of NYC just by moving your phone over in that direction. It’s pretty amazing.

The turnstile and schedule data from the MTA comes alive in undulating circles and the scheduled trains move along their paths. Above is what population density looks like — a topographical representation in hard 3D ripples, all based on US Census data. There are also graphics representing rent prices and income.

And the best part? You can use it in underground with no reception. We’re going to have a lot of informative, sobering fun with this.