Cannabis Lube, Finally: Put Weed In Your Vagina!

June 12, 2014 | Backdoor Pharmacist

There’s brownies, chocolate bars, butane hash oil, you can smoke, you can vape, now there’s another way to take cannabis, vaginally. Foria, made by a California collective The Aphrodite Group, has made a cannabis infused “sensual enhancement oil” that can purported enhance sexual pleasure. As “Stacy” says on a testimonial posted on their site: “I had multiple orgasms over a 15 minute period. That, like, never happens.”

Since legalization in Colorado and Washington state, companies have been popping up left and right offering innovative cannabis services. Cannabis has been long used as an aphrodisiac and this is the modern remix. It’s made from cannabis oil and food-grade coconut oil, and can be rubbed on, put in, or drunk. As a pre-lube, they recommend 6 or so sprays, depending on your tolerance, 30 minutes to an hour before sex. Word of warning: Coconut oil will damage latex and polyisoprene condoms; nitrile and polyurethane condoms are ok.

THC, is a partial agonist of the CB1 cannabinoid receptor. Activation of these receptors, which are found widely throughout the brain, causes a cascade of other activities, including the release of dopamine, and the inhibition of GABA. Combined with the antagonist, partial, full, and inverse agonist activities of the dozens of minor cannabinoids, this creates the “sensory enhancement” effect that Foria claims will make you cum over and over again.

It’s $88 and purchasable from their website, but you’ll need get a doctor’s notice, and then become a communist because you joined a California cannabis collective.