Harmony Korine’s Dior Commercial, Everyone Is Getting Paid

June 13, 2014 | Marina Galperina

Artist, filmmaker, and Spring Breaker eternal Harmony Korine has recently released this ad for Addict by Dior. It features the fancy-teen-on-ecstasy chic of model Sasha Luss, who goes Alice Through The Looking Glass, followed by some foggy, abstract raving. Then she hops around in a room full of dangling, slightly phallic, rainbow-hued flora, tugging on the flowers and rubbing them on her face until the perfume comes out.

It’s scored by a remix of  Die Antwoord’s “Enter the Ninja,” with whom Harmony has previously collaborated. Ryan McGinley shot the accompanying campaign. Dazed points out that Korine has been doing a lot of fashion stuff this year, with “a terrifying” Harmony-illustrated handbag for Agnès B debuted a “freaky” short for Supreme. Actually, none of this is particularly weird, just more interesting than usual.

Korine’s prior fashion work now seems utterly trolly in comparison, like that Act Da Fool Detroit-urban-poverty themed campaign for Proenza Schouler. But just like with his films, Korine has transitioned into focusing his auteur into careful, concentrated, lucrative bursts, instead of going full Trash Humpers on everything. (Image: Dazed)