Here’s Nude Jeff Koons Pumping Iron Naked With No Clothes On

June 13, 2014 | Marina Galperina

Artist Jeff Koons bare ass, flexed back and fuzzy chest are on full display inside the new Vanity Fair. And, just below the strategically placed title “S” that loops around his shadowed crotch area, there also appears to be just a hint of penis and/or balls drooping triumphantly in anticipation of the 59-year-old artist’s upcoming retrospective at the Whitney Museum.

It is not one of the most hygienic displays of exercising, but good for him. Thanks to the Gallerist for scanning this and for skimming the article not yet available online. Skimming their notes, we were interested to learn that Jeff Koons typically has 128 assistants working for him, his eight kids travel in a stretch van dubbed “Koonsmobile” and there is the word “poop.”

For a good long read, check out Vanity Fair’s 2001 profile of Jeff Koons (“When I’m working on something, I’m going to give the bottom of the piece as much attention as the top”) and Vanity Fair’s 1991 profile of Jeff Koons (“She uses her genitalia. And she communicates a very precise language with her genitalia.”)

This is Jeff Koons’ penis. This is Jeff Koons’ penis ejaculating. This is Jeff Koons’ penis ejaculating again. (Image: Vanity Fair via Gallerist)