Marina Abramović-Themed Burlesque Comes To Coney Island

June 25, 2014 | Sophie Weiner

Tomorrow night, Bushwick Burlesque will bring their Marina Abramovic themed show, “Limitless: A Marina Abramovice Tribute,” to Coney Island. Previously, they debuted the show at Bushwick venue Bizarre, where the group has a monthly show. According to the organizers,


The larger idea of the show is not to “burlesque”, “roast”, “mock” or otherwise make fun of Abramović. We are very earnestly seeking to present true Re-performance (as she put a call out to performers to do) through our lens of abstract and surreal cabaret. Translating her “visual movement-based language” into our “visual movement-based language”.

In previous performances, the group  recreated classic Abramovic pieces like Breathing In/Breathing Out (Death Itself), The Onion and Lips of Thomas, pictured above. The show is clearly closer to performance art than it is to burlesque, and these performers are willing to go all the way to make them authentic. The show tomorrow will feature new acts and will expand those from the first show. It should be a strange experience for all. (Photo: Maro Hagopian)