Experience Being A Rock In “Rock Simulator 2014”

June 26, 2014 | Sophie Weiner

Have you ever gazed down at your googly-eyed pet rock at summer camp and wish you could experience the world as it did, feel what it feels and communicate with it in the infinite language of geology? Your childhood dreams are finally becoming a reality! Rock Simulator 2014, from Strange Panther Games, will be on Steam Greenlight later this year.

The concept is simple. You are a rock. And you can watch other rocks. There are even mini games, which allow you to do things like tumble down a hill. In the past, Strange Panther allowed you to experience life as a truck, a goat or a bear, but nothing has yet scraped at the edge of nothingness like Rock Simulator. This is some seriously Zen shit. A developer at Strange Panther described the game as “a rock enthusiasts dream.” We are beside ourselves with anticipation.