Ukranians Crowdfund Drones To Patrol Border With Russia

June 30, 2014 | Sophie Weiner

Ukraine’s military is strapped for cash, so much so that they’ve been openly asking for donations to help in their preparations for further conflict with Russia and Russian separatists within the country. A group called the People’s Project (whose website is more than a little dystopian) took this fundraising to the next level, crowdfunding the creation of 10 octocopter drones with cameras attached to surveil the border. But these drones aren’t quite up to military standard, Arstechnica wrote:

When officials expressed a desire for unmanned surveillance and reconnaissance aircraft earlier this year, the group turned to local engineers to come up with a design that could quickly be fielded. The drone doesn’t measure up to the specifications of military-grade fixed-wing unmanned aircraft—it has a top speed of 120 kilometers per hour and can stay aloft for just an hour at a time.

It seems unlikely these little drones will last long against Russian military entities, as we know how much they dislike being watched. But the People’s Project is undeterred. They say that hundreds of drones might be needed. (Photo: WhiteboardMag)