Ecstasy Much More Likely to Cause Binge Drinking Than Weed

July 7, 2014 | Sophie Weiner

According to a recently published study by the Australasian Professional Society on Alcohol and Other Drugs, “Stimulant but not cannabis intoxication is associated with excessive alcohol consumption.”

Of those surveyed, MDMA-users on stimulants are more likely to binge drink than weed-smokers high on weed.

Ecstasy users who were intoxicated with stimulants (n= 91) were more likely to binge drink than ecstasy users who were not (n = 406) (89% vs. 67%), after adjusting for demographics, poly-drug use and intoxication with cannabis and energy drinks (adjusted odds ratio 3.1, P= 0.007), drinking a median of 20 drinks (cf. 10 drinks among other ecstasy users).

Cannabis intoxication was not associated with binge drinking among cannabis users (57% vs. 55%) or ecstasy users (73% vs. 71%). Binge drinking was more common in all of these groups than in the alcohol-only group (34%).

But even cannabis enthusiasts aren’t off the hook. The study also found that binge drinking was more likely for substance users of both sort than for people who only drink alcohol.

Stimulants’ effect on binge drinking is less than surprising. Read up about “the black magic” your liver makes with cocaine and alcohol here. (Photo: boodoo)