Who Wants To See Lucky Luciano’s Inmate Records?

July 7, 2014 | Marina Galperina

The inmate record pictured above was created in 1936, when Charles “Lucky” Luciano was snagged for “profiting from a prostitution ring.” This mini-biography tells a story of an eight-year-old immigrant from Palermo, Sicily, a teenage shipping clerk for the Goodman Hat Company, a young laborer for the Gem Toy Company, a barber — the many lives of the future infamous mob boss. The document has been recently digitized, along with many more vintage records from Sing Sing, San Quentin and Folsom, as well as Newgate in Greenwich Village  — New York State’s first penitentiary. The records will be available to New York residents for viewing online via Ancestry.com later this month.

“Family history is a puzzle, and some pieces are more surprising or salacious than others,” Ancestry.com spokeswoman Michelle Ercanbrack told the New York Times. “There’s something wickedly comforting in the notion that nobody’s perfect.” Thanks for making us all feel better about ourselves, Michelle. (Image: Wikipedia, Ancestry.com)