Tributes to Graffiti Great DG Spring Up All Over the World

July 8, 2014 | Bucky Turco

As soon as word got out that Jason Wulf aka renowned graffiti practitioner DG had died, supporters began tagging the Brooklyn subway station where he was reportedly electrocuted by the third rail. One local tabloid claimed that the NYPD had to dispatch officers to discourage the writers.

Soon after, Instagram feeds flooded with blackbook homages and other tributes to the underground icon. At least one person, whom we shall not name, bombed a NYC subway car (or cars) with two DG pieces.

A writer from Denmark, SABE of the RIS crew, did a mural in his honor. FADE put up DG in his signature style on the back of recently closed art store Pearl Paint.

DG’s close friends GIZ and RIME painted a dedication wall (top photo) at Low Brow Artique in Bushwick on Sunday, painting all day and into the night, then returning the following day to add their finishing touches. They embellished the roll-down gates out front as well.

On Monday, funeral services were held for DG in Ridgewood. On the way, I spotted a “RIP DG” sticker on the wall of Seneca Avenue M train station.

Scores of writers, from several generations, mingled outside the Seneca Chapels and even more were packed inside to pay their respects, donning DG NWC t-shirts and protective plastic stretched over newly-inked DG tattoos. The New York Times attended and then published the headline: “A Graffiti Titan With New York City Cred Is Remembered.”

In the back of the viewing room, two boards were set up for attendees to sign, which were quickly tagged with homages and messages of love and support. At the urging of the family, a beautifully drawn DG adorned the white casket.

And the tributes keep pouring in. Just this morning, COPE2 uploaded images to Instagram of his DG tributes in Paris. GIZ thanked him. “Next stop London and Istanbul,” COPE responded in the comments. “DG1 worldwide lives for ever!!!”