Disturbing “King of the Hill” Art

July 9, 2014 | Marina Galperina

Remember that time Bill and Bobby slaughtered the entire Donald Duck family of humanoids? That episode when Kahn caught Connie camgirling was pretty sick too. But not really. Rhizome commissioned two New York-based artists Edward Marshall Shenk and Victor Vaughn to make these images for Dazed. Previously, the artists have collaborated on the “Oh Mirror in the sky, what is love?” exhibition, among other projects.

Their collaboration often examines and follows a ‘fan fic’ communal image-making practice, taking up characters from popular culture and creating loose narratives around them that meet their darker interests in loss, obsession, discomfort, and numbness. Whereas Shenk’s mimic the show’s possible universe, Vaughn’s grow absurd and dream-like. However, the authorship is communal, shared, and re-worked, and curated by interaction.

Concurrently, there an interview on Dazed with Shenk about his conspiracy theory-style collages about “From Nazi coconut water” and “Monster Energy Drink’s illuminati past,” as seen and fawned over by The Jogging: “Even with ideas so dumb, the images so perfectly captured an aesthetic and structure that when the artists submitted them to far-right wing conservative Facebook groups, they circulated as freely.” Read more here. (Images: Victor Vaughn & Edward Shenk)