Russian State TV Calls Prague Communist Office Hallway a “Famous Art Gallery”

July 14, 2014 | Marina Galperina

The Russian state media is a joke that keeps playing itself. Its latest tune is this report on a political “art exhibit” staged for a very shoddy state television news segment. As discovered by Radio Free Europe, the reason why the newscaster doesn’t name the gallery is because it isn’t a gallery. It’s a hallway. Here’s the transcript of the broadcast (with factual corrections):

Europeans can see the events of Ukraine through the eyes of eyewitnesses pixelated conflict photos ripped from the internet in the exhibition “The Suffering of Ukraine,” on view now in the capital of the Czech Republic. In one of the most… uh… famous art galleries in Prague an office hallway on the 5th floor of the Communist Party of Bohemia and Moravia HQ are collected tens of photographs witnessing the tragedy of March 2 in Odessa. These photographs have been previously exhibited in Italy, India and Slovania on the internet. According to the organizers of the… uh… exhibition, attempt to overcome the conspiracy of European media silence on what is happening in Ukraine. [What?]

        See me after class.

When Radio Free Europe dropped by the “exhibit” they found a hallway that was “empty aside from two elderly members of the Communist-linked ‘Czech Borderlands Club’ lounging in armchairs lining the walls.”

On March 2nd, yet another clash between Ukrainian forces and pro-Russia separatists (whoever they might be) resulted in a deadly fire at the Trade Union building in Odesa, which left more than 40 dead and facts deluded. The man who appears to be an organizer of this exhibit wore a “Remember Odesa, Stop Fascism” pin and had his lines almost memorized, continuing to “link” Ukrainian post-Euromaidan leadership to “fascists” — a well-worn motif on Russia’s state television, post its unpopular and illegal annexation of Ukraine’s Crimea.

To our readers in Russia, please refrain from commenting “fucking ridicilous” because cursing online is illegal now.