NYPD Captain Uses Twitter To Taunt Saftey Advocates After Woman’s Subway Death

July 15, 2014 | Sophie Weiner

Yesterday, we noted how excited some police commanders are about their new Twitter accounts sanctioned by the NYPD. It seems this might have been a little hasty on their part: the same day, Captain Thomas C. Harnisch of the 25th precinct, who was one of the first five police captains to be granted official social media access complete with a verified handle: @NYPD25Pct, tweeted at Keegan Stephan, a street safety activist, about the death of a woman hit by a subway train in Union Square, Streets Blog reports.

Harnisch tweeted at Stephan with a link to the story, ““Let me guess, driver’s fault right?” He later tweeted with the official 25th precinct account, further accusing Keegan of “seiz[ing] on tragedy and assin[ing] culpability having no facts,” a pretty ironic claim given the situation. Harnisch has since deleted the taunts and apologized on the 25th Precinct Twitter, writing: