Rick Roll Any TV Connected To Google Chromecast With the “Rickmote”

July 16, 2014 | Sophie Weiner

Security researcher Dan Petro has created the “rickmote,” a device that allows you to take over any television connected to Google Chromecast with the familiar stylings of Rick Astley, or any other Youtube video. “It can wirelessly, remotely take over someone’s TV against their will,” Petro told Wiredwho explained:

Petro’s gadget—a tiny Raspberry Pi computer with a touchscreen, a couple of wireless cards, and a 3D-printed plastic case—uses the open-source software Aircrack to send that disconnection command. Then it immediately reconfigures the Chromecast and tells it to play whichever YouTube, Netflix, HBO Go or other video the rickmote’s user has chosen.

Though this is a silly example, Petro’s project demonstrates the security flaws present in the Chromecast system. This technology could easily be put to devious use in the wrong hands. (Images: Dan Petro)