Find Out How Hot Your City Will Be In The Summer of 2100

July 18, 2014 | Sophie Weiner

This summer has been pretty nice so far, by NYC standards, with sporadic and bearable heat waves and most of the extreme weather consisting of freak thunderstorms. Lucky 2014. Prepare yourselves for Nelly to make a big comeback, ’cause it’s getting hot in here in the future. Climate Central has created an interactive map that shows just how hot your city will be in 2100, if nothing is done to slow the progress of climate change.

The map automatically compares the future heat in your city to a city which is that temperature now. In 2100, New York will feel like Lehigh Acres, Florida. We’ll still be better off than Las Vegas, which will feel like Saudi Arabia, or Phoenix, which will be the temperature of Kuwait.

Florida will be underwater by then, so it’ll probably just feel like a jacuzzi. Just kidding… sort of. On the plus side, San Franciscans will finally be able to go places without bringing a sweater. All hail the coming apocalypse. (Image: NASA/Wikipedia)