The NYPD Increases Arrests for Sex-Related Crimes On the Subway

July 24, 2014 | Sophie Weiner

Cops appear to be finally cracking down on sexual harassment on the subway. So far this year, 128 people have been arrested, compared to 104 last year. The NYPD credits the 23% increase to having more plainclothes officers on the train.

“Increased enforcement is a good step,” Debjoni Roy, the deputy director of the street harassment non-profit Hollaback! told Daily News. “It means this isn’t being ignored and those of us on the receiving end of harassment and abuse are being heard.”

Recently published subway crime data shows 3,000 reported cases of sex-related crimes in the last five years, most of them for “forcible touching.” Last month, the Daily News created a map detailing the types of arrests throughout the transit system and discovered that most of the sexual harassment takes place at Grand Central. (Photo: @michael-semensohn)